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In some cases, there may be more than one acronym corresponding to the same set of numbers. For example R and WR are used for Rausch's numbers, L and LAU for Lau's numbers, and so on. In such cases, all possibilities will be returned. No distinction is made here according to capitalisation, so e.g. KK, Kk and kk are all treated the same.

Field number: HAJ 272
Collector: Dr. H. A. (Bert) Jonkers
Species: Aeonium percarneum
Locality: along road between Embalse Parralillo and plain of Acusa, Barranco de Silo, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain
Date: 15 Apr. 1997

Field number: ISI 95-13
Collector: International Succulent Introductions (previously International Succulent Institute)
Species: Aeonium percarneum
Locality: Agaete, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain
Altitude: 400m
Date: 1949
Notes: = HBG16276, a plant grown by C. Uhl from seed from the Orotava Botanic Garden

Major parts of the initial data for this query service were provided by Dave Whiteley and Petr Antálek. Other data were supplied by, inter alia, Giovanna Anceschi, Gérard Ardisson, Jean-André Audissou, Karl Augustin, Geoff Bailey, Brian Bates, Jürgen Beck, Ludwig Bercht, Tomasz Blaczkowski, Ignazio Blando, Clazien Bouwman-van Egmond, Ingo Breuer, Sylvain Burgaud, Alan Butler, Graham Charles, Philippe Corman, Kádár Csaba, Rodrigo Dacal, Amante Darmanin, Gérard Delanoy, Ulrich Dosedal, Igor Dráb, Pavel Duchek, Mark Faint, Ingbert Fick, Daiv Freeman, Pierre Gambart, Wolfgang Gemmrich, Alessandro Gentili, Klaus Gilmer, Quentin Groom, Pavel Heřtus, Wolter ten Hoeve, Paul Hoxey, Cyrill Hunkeler, Zlatko Janeba, Jan Ječmínek, Jakub Jilemicky, Bert Jonkers, Fred Kattermann, Hans-Josef Klinkhammer, Wolfgang Krueger, Tomáš Kulhánek, Michel Lacoste, Al Laius, Simon Langer, Andreas Laras, Martin Lowry, Christophe Ludwig, Alberto Magli, Peter Mansfeld, Georges Marchand, Ross and Fraser Marriott, Massimo Meregalli, Roger Moreton, Andrzej Mucha, Dave Naylor, Martina and Andreas Ohr, Benjamin Oliver, Wolfgang Papsch, Pavel Pavlíček, Ralph Peters, Ian Robinson, Chris Rodgerson, Zvone Rovsek, Lucio Russo, Volker Schädlich, Eberhard Scholz, Daniel Schweich, Bernhard Schweitzer, Chris Sherrah, Francesco Soldi, Stanislav Spurny, Thomas Strub, Brian Thomson, Jaroslav Ullmann, Willy Verheulpen, Johan de Vries, Mario Wick, Mats Winberg and Jan Ziegrosser. Translation and other assistance were given by Sophie Hilton, Zlatko Janeba, and Frank Sengpiel. I am grateful to all of them for their help and permission to use this data.

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