Cactus and Succulent Field Collector Query

This online service takes an acronym for a cactus and succulent field collector (e.g. KK), and returns the collector's name, and other data.

Note that botanists do not abbreviate their names when publishing e.g. papers, but most of them privately use acronyms.

Enter the collector's acronym (initials), e.g. KK, and press return

No distinction is made here according to capitalisation, so e.g. KK, Kk and kk are all treated the same.

If you get errors, please report them to me.

Other Queries

If you want to identify a particular plant (e.g. KK 2005), please use the field number query service instead. Nevertheless, the notes provided on a given collector by this field collector query service may provide a useful context for interpreting the results of the search for a given field number.

If you want to enter a cactus or succulent species (e.g. Rebutia heliosa), and find field numbers corresponding to that species, use the field number finder instead.

If you want to search for plants found at a given locality (e.g. Sierra Medina), please use the field number locality query service instead.

If you already have the collector's name (e.g. Karel Kníže), and want to find the acronym(s) used by that collector (e.g. KK, KZ), please use the field collector's acronym query service instead.

Much of the original data for this query service was put together and provided by John Gamesby (; I am grateful for his permission to use this data. I am also grateful to various other people who have supplied me with collectors' acronyms and corrections, especially Brian Bates.

Many further additions to the data, and conversion to a WWW query service, were done by Ralph Martin - see his Cactus and Succulent Page.

If you have any corrections, additions, bug reports, offers of further data, or other comments on this service, please email them to me at